Investing in health and wellbeing in the workplace is like running on a super efficient operating system. Not taking care of  health and wellbeing in the workplace is like investing in the latest, slickest software and then running it on an old, sluggish operating system. You’ll never realise the software’s true potential. SkyRocket Wellness is passionate about improving health, happiness, engagement and performance through taking care of the ‘operating system’ – our health.

SkyRocket Wellness engages across all sectors providing workplace health and wellbeing consultancy, as well as tailored health and wellbeing workshops and coaching as part of employee engagement strategies and CSR policies.  Addressing these fundamental areas leads to a happier, engaged and more productive workforce.

We also provide personal training and coaching for private clients.

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Skyrocket: verb [I/ˈskaɪˌrɒk.ɪt/ to rise extremely quickly or make extremely quick progress towards success.

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