Career Coaching

Do you feel stuck in a bit of a rut? Do you feel like your ladder is against the wrong wall? Are you at a crossroads in your career? Not sure if a job offer is the right one for you? Feeling burnt-out or bored?

How we approach our careers can be influenced by many factors such as: the careers of our parents or siblings, cultural or familial expectations, what we are told at school, or even what we see or read about in the media. However, if the career is not the right or authentic fit, it can leave us feeling restless, frustrated, bring tension and conflict at home and at work, and negatively impact our relationships and wellbeing. Wherever you are in your professional journey, pressing the pause button and evaluating what motivates you, your values, how equipped you are to self-manage and direct your career, and how much energy and resilience you currently have to do so is a valuable investment in you.

Working with Louise, and using the Career Fitness Profiler*, you will:

  • get greater clarity on what career success looks like to you, 
  • understand what motivates you, 
  • identify what stories might be keeping you stuck from making the right choices, 
  • know what you want or need from an employer, e.g. job security, professional autonomy, work/life balance, or a desire to contribute to something bigger,
  • have insights into your current energy and resilience levels, and have the tools and techniques to avoid burnout or boredom,
  • recognise key areas of risks and opportunities on your career journey.

At the end of each coaching session, you will be able to identify concrete actions to start taking your career into your own hands with energy, confidence, and purpose. 

There are no fixed number of coaching sessions. You may feel one is enough or would like to keep exploring with further coaching sessions. You are in control.

Contact Louise at for more information or arrange a quick chat to find out how this can help you, or help your employees, be more engaged, energised and fulfilled in your or their careers.

*Using validated models and measurements developed and validated by TalentLogiQs, the Career Fitness Profiler is an evidence based questionnaire offering the latest research on sustainable career development.