SkyRocket Services

It’s not Rocket science

A healthy workforce is the foundation for good business!  SkyRocket takes a flexible and personal approach in partnering with your business to raise the energy and wellbeing of business professionals, in order to increase their happiness, performance and productivity – with a view to improving that business’s bottom line.

As individuals, we all have an interest in our physical and mental health, but we don’t always have the tools or knowledge to make the micro changes that can have a macro effect on our long term health and wellbeing; which in turn has a direct impact on our energy and engagement at work and at home.  SkyRocket Wellness provides sustainable and accessible strategies that are about changing lifestyle habits, not quick fixes or fads. We can also work alongside you to help you achieve your Healthy Working Lives Award or any other healthy employee initiative.

SkyRocket Wellness provides the following services:

Time for your business to help employee wellbeing take off? Contact us to find out more about how we can ignite your company’s energy levels.