SkyRocket Wellness clients include:

Video testimonial by Nicki Denholm, CEO of Denholm Associates for SkyRocket Wellness (formerly The Wellness Co).

What the participants have to say of our workshops:

“Fantastic course, thanks for providing it!”

“It was a really good course which makes you think and review what you do on a daily basis.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed this course and it gave me a toolkit to go away and work with, which often these things don’t.  Highly recommend it to my colleagues.”

“This is by far the best corporate workshop I have ever been on.  I think more people in the company would benefit from this if it’s run again.”

“Louise was fantastic.  Very knowledgeable and passionate, she had great rapport with the audience and a relaxed style which was easy to engage with.”

“Amazing training and very useful tips.”

“Great to see our company taking health and wellbeing seriously.”

 “It was a very good workshop.  It reminds us of taking ownership of our health even when we are extremely busy at work.”

“Pauline was fantastic, her energy amazing. It was great how she kept bringing the experiences back into situations in the workplace.”

“Louise had a deep and wide understanding of wellbeing and kept the discussion focused.”

“This workshop inspired me to think about my life and empowered me to make meaningful life changes.”

“SkyRocket Wellness  delivered a very insightful health and wellbeing course to staff accross the agency.  Louise and Lou’s bespoke approach to the issues that are particularly relevant to our industry, as well as to the employees themselves, made it easy for our staff to identify and implement the simple changes they recommended.  We have already seen the positive impact on stress and energy levels that these workshops have had.  Anyone serious about investing in the welfare of their employees should make Wellness a priority.” Gareth Howells, Co-founder of Newhaven Agency, Edinburgh