Wellness Coaching

Health. Energy. Balance.

One thing we know from personal experience and experience of others is that starting a positive habit or behaviour does not normally present much of a challenge, but sustaining it does.  Particularly when it comes to health and fitness, the foundation for fuelling full engagement.

By offering ongoing wellness coaching to business professionals, it will provide them with the tools to encourage changed mindset and behaviour for good.

Wellness coaching will augment any existing support services and interventions to help ‘smooth the path’ for sustainable change, offering both further return on investment and visible commitment to lasting change.

Louise combines her studies in coaching, nutrition, exercise science, and stress recovery techniques to help empower individuals to access that ‘rocket fuel’;  take responsibility for their own health and to adopt long term, sustainable healthy lifestyle choices for health, energy and balance.  The coaching process will support the individual in overcoming obstacles and outgrow any struggles around health and wellbeing.  It will:

  • Guide them into mindful thinking and build confidence.
  • Help define their higher purpose for wellness.
  • Address mental, emotional and physical health together.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Harness their own strengths to overcome obstacles.
  • Help draw up a personal wellness blueprint.
  • Inspire and challenge them to go beyond what we do alone!

SkyRocket Wellness can work with your business professionals via Skype, phone or on-location to develop and implement personal wellness plans which will best support them in their journey in achieving personal and professional goals.

Louise also coaches on a private basis.

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