The Benefits

Rocket Fuel!

Do you know the annual costs of absenteeism or staff turnover to your business? By waking up to wellbeing in the workplace, your business has so much to gain. It ticks all the boxes: increased productivity and performance as a result of healthier, happier colleagues; demonstrable compliance with Government guidelines; philanthropy by showing your employees you care about their welfare. Then there’s the reward; reduced absenteeism, increased staff retention and the ability to attract the right employees.

It is especially relevant during the current  economic climate with stress and workloads increasing as employees are expected to deliver the same output with half the team and budget. This leads to absenteeism due to illness, or worse, presenteeism as they feel the pressure to turn up but are in no fit state to work.  People need education and tools to manage their stress and lifestyles in a proactive and real way.  As economic growth returns, companies will benefit from attracting candidates who want to work with aspirational organisations who invest in their greatest asset.

  • A comprehensive wellbeing strategy will for the Employer:
      • Enhance job performance and decision making
      • Improved staff morale, which can lead to a reduction in staff turnover
      • Improved personal resilience and engagement
      • Lower absenteeism and associated costs
      • Lower presenteeism (estimated to be 1.5 times the cost of absence)
      • Talent attraction and retention
      • Manage the indirect costs of poor health to your business
      • Demonstrate a genuine concern for the wellbeing of your staff
  • And a fit and healthy Employee will:
      • Learn how to recognise and break patterns and habits
      • Learn how to use past accomplishments to reveal strengths and apply them in their health
      • Take fewer sick days
      • Be less at risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders, in particular 
back pain and repetitive strain injury
      • Be better able to manage pressure and deal proactively with stress
      • Be more motivated and more productive at work
      • Be happier at work and happier at home
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